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Film documentaries on political or social subjects relevant to contemporary Iranian society were relatively absent until the late 1990s, but the situation has changed. There are now an ever increasing number of small, independently produced documentary films tackling various social issues and everyday life being produced both inside and outside Iran. This is reflected to some extent in the selection being presented here as part of Documenting Iran, which in addition to these more recent films produced by Iranians and non-Iranians, also presents some very early documentaries which are of great anthropological interest.

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3 August
10.00 Abbas In Iran (Mohammed Sadrzadeh, 26 mins.)
10.30 Grass, A Nation's Battle for Life (Merion C Cooper and Ernest B Schoedsack, 71 mins.)
11.45 Homework (Abbas Kiarostami, 74 mins.)
13.05 Kamancheh (Bahman Kiarostami, 46 mins.)
14.00 Off Beat (Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, 45 mins.)
14.50 Back Vocal (Mojtaba Mirtahmasb, 40 mins.)
15.30 Carmen Funebre (Kazem Mollaei, 20 mins.)
16.00 Ta'zieh (Parviz Jahed, 74 mins.)
17.20 Thirteen and Half (Abbas Ahmadi and Nader Davoodi, 60 mins.)
18.30 Inside Out (Zohreh Shayesteh, 39 mins.)
19.15 Legacy of the Iman (Kouross Esmaeli, 14 mins.)
19.30 Discussion with Kouross Esmaeli about 'Legacy of the Iman'
4 August
09.00 My Mother's Home Lagoon (Mehrdad Oskouei, 28 mins.)
09.30 Serial Killer in Iran (Maziar Bahari, 60 mins.)
10.35 Sir Alfred Charles De Gaulle Airport (Hamid Rahmanian, 29 mins.)
11.10 Day Break (Hamid Rahmanian, 83 mins.)
12.35 I Can't Remember Anything About Afghanistan (Mehrdad Oskouei, 17 mins.)
13.00 Iranian Women Film Makers (Majid Khabazan, 59 mins.)
14.05 Standard Bearers of Hussein (Ingvild Flaskerud, 35 mins.)
14.40 Discussion with Pedram Khosronejad about 'Standard Bearers of Hussein'
15.00 Ten of Ten (Abbas Kiarostami, 87 mins.)
16.35 But You Speak Such Good English (Parisa Taghizadeh and Marjan Safinia, 23 mins.)
17.05 Nose Iranian Style (Mehrdad Oskouei, 52 mins.)
18.05 Balout (Acorn) (Nader Afshar Naderi, 30 mins.)
18.35 Golab (Rose Water) (Nader Afshar Naderi, 15 mins.)
18.55 Discussion with Elvia Restrepo about 'Balout' and 'Rose Water'
19.15 Ahmadabad (Fariba Amini, 45 mins.)
5 August
09.00 Pilgrimage (Bahman Kiarostami, 52 mins.)
09.55 Epitaph (Moslem Mansouri, 31 mins.)
10.30 My Mother's Country (Tina Ghaffari, 24 mins.)
11.00 Shahrbanoo (Hamid Rahmanian, 55 mins.)
12.00 Red lines and Deadlines (Taghi Amirani, 55 mins.)
13.00 Behesht Zahra (Mehran Tamaddon, 45 mins.)
13.50 Utopia (Moslem Mansouri, 30 mins.)
14.25 Bewildered (Mohammed Ehsani, 17 mins.)
14.50 Persian Gardens (Bahman Kiarostami, 45 mins.)
15.40 Dream of Flight (Nacim Pak, 43 mins.)