Notes to Contributors

Iranian Studies is a peer reviewed journal of history, literature, culture and society, covering everywhere with a Persian or Iranian legacy, especially Iran, Afghanistan, Central Asia, the Caucasus and northern India.
In general, articles should be between 8,000 and 15,000 words in length, including notes.


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Book reviews and books for review. Publishers are asked to check with the appropriate book review editor before sending a copy for review. As a rule, the book review editors assign books for review. Anyone who wishes to write a review, please check with the appropriate book review editor rather than sending an unsolicited review.

Assef Ashraf, (History) (History), University of Cambridge, UK

Amy Motlagh (Modern Literature) Department of Comparative Literature, Sprout Hall, UC Davis, One Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616

Austin O’Malley (Classical Literature) Marshall Building, #442, 845 N. Park, Tucson, AZ 85721

Carlo G. Cereti (pre-Islamic Iran), La Sapienza University of Rome, mailing address: Via dei Giornalisti, 15
00135 Rome, Italy (E-mail:

Shervin Farridnejad (pre-Islamic Iran), Austrian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Iranian Studies, Hollandstrasse 11-13, A-1020 Vienna, Austria(E-mail:

Laetitia Nanquette (Cultural Studies), University of New South Wales, School of Arts and Media, Sydney 2052, NSW, Australia (Email:

Nahid Siamdoust (Social Sciences), 2 Montague Terrace, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA (Email:

Publishers are asked to check with the journal editor or the appropriate book review editor before sending a book for review.

Book reviews should follow the guidelines for articles.