2022 Conference registration

Instructions for 2020 submissions and registrations

The conference is being planned as an in-person conference. Participants in the program who cannot attend can present their already accepted papers or posters online. The Faculty of Philology installed cameras on each computer of each room for online teaching in 2020-21, and they will be available for the AIS biennial

Submissions fall into 3 distinct categories:
  • 1- Participants of AIS 2020 who already registered and will present their previous submission either in-person or online: You are automatically approved and registered for 2022 using your submission for 2020. If you want to do a different paper, go to Option 2 below.
  • 2- Participants of AIS 2020 who already registered but would like to change their previous submission: You don't need to register for the conference and only have to submit a new proposal. (which will be peer-reviewed)  If you were not registered or accepted for 2020, please go with Option 3 below to submit a proposal and pre-register 2022.
  • 3- New participants who will present in-person/online: You need to register/pay for the 2022 conference and submit your proposal for peer review.

The sessions will be available online through the AIS website for those who are registered but cannot attend the conference in person. Deadline: July 30, 2021


  • Individuals: $100.00 USD - Standard Access
  • Students: $60.00 USD - Standard Access

Conference registration is available to members. Please sign up or renew your membership.

On-site Registrations

We strongly encourage you to pre-register. If you wish to register on-site, the following are the on-site registrations fees

  • Individuals: $140.00 USD - Standard Access (Cash Only)
  • Students: $80.00 USD - Standard Access (Cash Only, student ID required )